Innovation in oats with protein and beta-glucan

Lantmännen is pleased to offer two unique, oat-based ingredients: PrOatein oat protein and PromOat oat beta-glucan. Both can be added to many different types of applications, including bread and bread mixes.

PrOatein is a concentrated oat protein, naturally extracted from Swedish oats using a chemical-free production method. It has a mild flavor and aroma, and can be used to boost the protein content, enabling access front of package nutritional claims, such as “source of” or “high in” protein.

PromOat oat beta-glucan is a source of soluble fiber and can be used to extend the shelf-life of bread and baked goods by retaining moisture better in the bread. The inclusion of 1g (0.75 g in the US) of oat beta-glucan per portion enables a health claim for cholesterol reduction to be made.

Both ingredients are natural and clean-label, they will also have a minimal impact on the dough functionality, taste and color of the final product. If you want inspiration regarding oat ingredients and bread or just additional information or a sample, please contact us.

Hatting's newly launched bread "Frö God" is an example of when PrOatein oat protein has been integrated successfully into production. The bread retains its freshness and taste while increasing the protein content to as much as 12%.

The bread is labeled with a Scandinavian symbol for being healthy, the so-called “Keyhole”.

Hattings Frö God