PrOatein oat protein in meat analogues

PrOatein is an oat protein concentrate that successfully can be used in the production of meat analogues. It is a light brown powder with a mild cereal taste. It is also a free-flowing powder with good wettability. PrOatein does not form lumps and can easily be included into meat analogue formulations.

PrOatein has an amino acid profile typical of grains, making it suitable to combine with other plant based proteins, for example pea protein. In addition to the nutritional benefits of combining oat and for example pea protein, PrOatein contributes to a more neutral flavor and a more meat-like texture in the final application.

It can be used in both high-moisture extrusion (HME) to produce a fibrous material or in low-moisture extrusion (TVP) to produce TVP (textured vegetable protein). Additionally, PrOatein can be included in a final meat analogue formulation. In this case, the powder is included together with the hydrocolloids and rehydrated TVP.

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