PromOat - Now gluten-free and organic

Lantmännen is pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to its PromOat range of oat beta-glucan ingredients - PromOat Gluten-free Organic.

Launched in response to strong growth consumer demand for oat-based products which are both gluten-free and organic, this latest version of PromOat becomes the fourth member of Lantmännen’s PromOat product portfolio. Together with PromOat Original, PromOat Instant and PromOat Gluten-free, PromOat Gluten-free Organic forms the widest portfolio of oat beta-glucans available.

PromOat Gluten-free Organic is ideal for use in foods, beverages and nutritional supplements with a cholesterol-lowering health claim, or as a clean-label texturizer, giving an optimal mouthfeel in dairy alternatives, meat analogues, nutritional bars, and other plant-based products.

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