PromOat Applications

PromOat offers a diverse range of applications in food realted products. Read more about the applications below.

Bakery – Bread, cakes and biscuits

PromOat offers unique positioning benefits and attractive labelling options in cookies, crackers, muffins and bread. PromOat is a unique soluble fibre that is neutral in colour, and ideal as a functional ingredient that can be used in baked or extruded products. It gives a clean taste without grittiness and contributes to fibre content claims.

Beverages – Shakes and smoothies

PromOat is water-soluble and free from graininess or grittiness, ideal for use in smoothies, fruit juices and powdered drinks with health benefits. It provides thick texture, viscosity, creaminess and a good mouthfeel. PromOat can potentially contribute to a fibre claim and be used for sugar reduction in juice drinks. It performs very well in mildly acidic and refrigerated applications, since no stabilizers are needed. Thanks to its emulsifying properties, it can also be used in combination with other thickeners and stabilizers.

Cereals and bars

PromOat can give the extra touch to granolas, extruded cereals and porridges. It has a natural fit with oat-based cereals but also works very well in other types of breakfast products or bars. PromOat easily supplements oats to provide enough beta-glucan for heart health claims and can potentially contribute to a fibre claim too. It does not inhibit expansion of extruded cereal pieces and has a clean taste.

Dairy alternatives

PromOat can be used to create a thick texture and deliver a silky creaminess with no grittiness in plant-based dairy alternatives. If PromOat gluten-free oat beta-glucan is used, it is allergen-free. It can be used to complement other hydrocolloids for unique textural properties thickness and creaminess. Using PromOat in your dairy alternatives also contributes to a potential fibre claim.

Yoghurt and fruit preparation

With PromOat, it is easier to obtain health claims and support health benefits, thanks to its greater beta-glucan concentration than other oat ingredients. It offers a differentiating texture that is ideal for fruit preparations, drinking yoghurt and fermented drinks. Suspension is excellent and PromOat is an interesting alternative to Pectin. Products with PromOat can be frozen and are also stable in a refrigerated environment. PromOat complements other thickeners or stabilizers, providing unique texture properties and a clean taste without grittiness. Using PromOat in your yoghurt or fruit preparation also contributes to a potential fibre claim.

Meat analogues

PromOat can be used to create a perfect texture in plant-based meat analogues. In combination with PrOatein oat protein, the two ingredients, as is or together with for example a starch rich component, will form the base for unique products with superior taste and texture in an expanding segment. If PromOat gluten-free oat beta-glucan is used, it is allergen-free. It can be used alone or in combinations with other hydrocolloids and starches for unique textural properties. It works well both with and without extrusion. Using PromOat in plant analogues also contributes to a potential fibre claim.

Nutrition and health supplements

PromOat is ideal for use in dietary supplements, for heart health or weight management. It has good solubility and works as a bulking agent. PromOat adds thickness and gives a creamy mouthfeel, as well as a clean taste with no grittiness. Using PromOat in your nutrition or health supplements also contributes to a potential fibre claim.


PromOat is used in pasta by many food producers and its taste, texture and performance is similar to regular pasta. Cooking time stays the same, there is no adverse effect on production process or yield, and it does not interfere with the machinability of semolina flour. Minimal formulation changes are needed for cholesterol-related claims due to its high beta-glucan content. There is an opportunity for vegan versions of pasta since PromOat can also replace egg. Using PromOat in your pasta can also contributes to a potential fibre claim.

Soups, sauces and dressings

PromOat provides a thick texture, viscosity and a good mouthfeel. It works best in thick, wholesome soups and gives a clean taste with no grittiness. Thanks to the emulsifying properties of PromOat, it can be used as a substitute for other thickeners and stabilizers or works in combination with them. Using PromOat in your soups, sauces or dressings also contributes to a potential fibre claim.