PrOatein Applications

PrOatein oat protein offers a diverse range of applications in foods, beverages and sports nutrition. Read more about the application areas in which PrOatein can be used below.


The protein content of nutritional bars can be boosted by adding PrOatein oat protein. It has a pleasant flavor profile and can be combined with other plant-based proteins to increase the protein content without compromising on taste.

Ice cream

PrOatein oat protein can be used as a clean-label protein source in vegan ice-cream formulations. The cereal flavor profile of PrOatein imparts a pleasant taste to the ice-cream. If combined with PrOmOat oat beta-glucan, your ice-cream can get a creamier texture and a better resistance to temperature changes, as well as allowing you to create ice cream formulations with reduced fat content

Meat analogues

PrOatein oat protein can be added to meat analogue formulations in order to increase their protein content and complement their amino acid profile. It can be used in combination with textured vegetable protein to enhance vegan sausages, hamburgers and other meat alternatives. It is also possible to combine PrOatein with other highly-functional proteins in wet extruded products.

Sports nutrition

PrOatein oat protein is rich in leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are important amino acids for muscle growth. In vegan sports nutrition products, it can also be used in combination with other plant-based protein sources. Thanks to its neutral flavor, aroma and color, PrOatein is easy to integrate into powdered blends.